Business cards are a tough business …

If any of the three sites I tried had been working properly, I’d have shiny new business cards in hand and ready to distribute to my fellow Vegas-bound ACES conference goers. But alas.

Here are the last of the four different designs I tried. Maybe I’ll just distribute the screen capture.

Business Card 2014 attempt #3


Business Card 2014 attempt #4



So, instead of shiny new cards, I’ll have old cards that will, appropriately I guess, have lots of editing on them. Purple pen at the ready…

About PurplePenning

Dawn McIlvain Stahl has been kindly bringing style and order to writing for more than 15 years. She provides editorial services for individuals and organizations — editing and proofreading books, articles, reports, websites, and social media. Stahl keeps one finger on the pulse of current editing, language, and publishing news. Catch the beat of that pulse by following her on Twitter and across the web @PurplePenning.
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1 Response to Business cards are a tough business …

  1. It sure is hard to make a QR code look sexy.

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