I’m Thankful for the Cheekiness of Old Words

@HaggardHawks Tweeting about the word 'pastinaceous'

@HaggardHawks bringing the awesome with interesting old words on Twitter

Awesome old word voted most likely to be used (in good humor!) of a relative this Thanksgiving — PASTINACEOUS: adj., looking all parsnip-like

If you haven’t guessed yet, in addition to my love of ridiculous new words, I have to confess that I also love ridiculous old words. As I wrote for the Copyediting blog:

Old words demand nothing from the conscientious editor. Time has set them aside in a nice, comfortable place where they aren’t asking for our judgment or acceptance. My favorite current sanctuary of old-time words is Haggard Hawks Words.

Check out the full post on Copyediting or go straight to Haggard Hawks on Twitter.

Image credit: “Pastarnoko šaknys,” Jonathunder, CC BY-SA 3.0

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