You’ve reached the neglected blog of Dawn McIlvain Stahl…

It’s true: none of my editorial pursuits have been as sorely neglected as this blog.

I’ve edited books and articles. I’ve written content and materials and articles and word games. I’ve proofread training manuals and websites. I’ve expanded my social media editing and management services.

And yet here sits this blog.

And that’s OK. Sometimes the cobbler’s kids LIKE to run around barefoot. Sometimes you’re so busy “kindly bringing style and order to writing” that the only “telling the tale” you do is in short snippets on Twitter and Instagram.

But then there’s this! —> I’ll be heading out to #EFACon16 (the Editorial Freelancers Association National Conference in New York on Monday and Tuesday, August 29 and 30) and there will be much telling to tell! It’s the first EFA conference in more than a decade, and I have the privilege of covering it for Copyediting, one of the sponsors of the event. I’ll be telling the tale live on Twitter @Copyediting and will also be providing posts for Copyediting’s Facebook and Storify accounts.

Tune in! I mean, maybe not HERE on the sorely neglected blog, but, you know, on Twitter and stuff.

(And MAYBE here if I have any overspill tales to tell. You never know. Sometimes the cobbler’s kids have fantastic footwear.)


Current business cards. Alas, I have only the electronic version. See “cobbler’s kids” remark above. 

About PurplePenning

Dawn McIlvain Stahl has been kindly bringing style and order to writing for more than 15 years. She provides editorial services for individuals and organizations — editing and proofreading books, articles, reports, websites, and social media. Stahl keeps one finger on the pulse of current editing, language, and publishing news. Catch the beat of that pulse by following her on Twitter and across the web @PurplePenning.
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