#WorldStrokeDay meets #NationalCatDay

#NationalCatDay is full of squee, but #WorldStrokeDay can save a life.* And now, thanks to the wealth of cat pics on the Internet and the half-hour I stole from other projects, you don’t have to choose between the two. Do yourself and your family a favor: get your blood pressure checked, learn the signs of stroke, and share this graphic of friendly felines to help educate others.

World Stroke Day meets National Cat Day

#WorldStrokeDay meets #NationalCatDay

*This post has nothing to do with editing, but much to do with my everyday life. A couple of years ago, my mom survived a massive stroke that left her with hemiplegia and some short-term memory loss, among other more minor issues. She is an amazing and inspiring person whose story deserves to be told in full sometime. But today is not that time. Today is when #WorldStrokeDay meets #NationalCatDay. Enjoy!

Images: Helen Haden, Jeff Oien, shira girl, Americatidol

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