Another editor confession

I have another confession to make. Yes, I’m a professional editor. Yes, I’m paid to make sure writing makes sense and matches a certain standard and style. But … a little wordtastic awesomesauce never hurt anyone. 😉

From my latest on

When new words pop up in pop culture, as they do, it never occurs to me to bemoan the state of the English language or the literacy of the current generation. Whether I like a modern coinage or think it’s the worstmanteau ever (surely that one is in the running), my initial response tends to be appropriately learned and eloquent, like “Heck yeah — words!”

I love ridiculous new words.

Read about procaffinating, presponding, Wordwatching, WordSpy, and more in “Editor Confession: I love ridiculous new words.”

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Dawn McIlvain Stahl has been kindly bringing style and order to writing for more than 15 years. She provides editorial services for individuals and organizations — editing and proofreading books, articles, reports, websites, and social media. Stahl keeps one finger on the pulse of current editing, language, and publishing news. Catch the beat of that pulse by following her on Twitter and across the web @PurplePenning.
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